After two weeks of hard work, the moment has come: SCREENING for the VIP audience, including the Dean, Vice-Dean, faculty members and the representative of the US embassy in Zagreb.

Nakon dva tjedna napornog rada, trenutak je napokon došao: PRIKAZIVANJE za VIP publiku, koja uključuje dekana, prodekana, uprave fakulteta i predstavnice veleposlanstva SAD u Zagrebu.

And here are the ending credits of the CroID show. Enjoy:


My first experience with an interview

Our TV magazine consists of many packages, and the interview we shot on wednesday is it’s integral part.

I was supposed to interview professor Zlatan Krajina, who teaches Media studies at the Faculty of Political Science at the University in Zagreb. I didn’t have much time to prepare for the interview because, as a photo journalist, I had to shoot the story with my team for our package about language and identity. Still, with dr. Bill’s help, I managed to prepare around 10 questions.   The main topic of the interview was “Cultural mapping” – the thesis which explains how countries have different views about which countries make the  “Orient” and which ones make the West from their point of view. Therefore, there is an interesting view what makes Croatia’s West: Bosnia, Serbia and even Turkey. On the other hand, Western European countries see Croatia as a part of East and the Balkan region. An interesting topic which is very important when it comes to the questions about cultural identity, especially in light of Croatia’s accession to EU next year.
The interview took place in Zagreb National library and the staff there was very comprehensive, so we didn’t have problems finding the right place to shoot the interview. The interview itself turned out great, and that you can see on the video below (will come shortly):

Author: Filip


Croatian food package

Croatian food package

Hello people!

Our food package is finally online, you can look it up on the following link. Hope you’ve liked it! 🙂




Croatian food package

This package is about cheese and sour cream and ćevapčići. Check it out!

~In the end the entire effort has paid off

I must say that I really enjoyed in this two weeks of the workshop. I am glad that I be in this team. But what I particulary emphasized is the fact that we all  did our best and we were the best team together with Dr. Bill. I think that all of us would agree with me, that Dr. Bill is the really amazing person and excellent professor. We learned so much from him and all of his lectures will be useful in future for us. I don`t know how to expressed my feelings because no one word can`t describe how I feel. I fell wonderful and  special. This is the great experience for me and for all of us.

First thing that I have learned was that we are all equal and working in team is the best way to do the big thing. So, we done the big thing. Of course it is our magazine called: CroId: Who are we?/Tko smo mi? I am really proud of every person in our team.  Each of us had a role to play and each team  has made own package. Properly our packages created our magazine. Every package tells its story and its story is about us, about Croatia, Croatian people, actually who we are at all.  The magazine is about our cultural identity. I hope that all people who see our magazine will be proud who we are and others who don`t know anything about Croatia will learn about our customes, foods, brands and celebrations etc.

In the end,  I invite all of you to watch the whole magazine on the vimeo when it will be published and I hope that  you will follow us on the twitter and continue learning our blog. Until that, enjoy in this.  This is our package about Croatian brands.


Croatian language

The package about Croatian language and croatian identity. check it out! ^^

The Show is ON!!!

Finally, in ten minutes we have the premiere of the show, and here is a sneak preview of the St.Patrick’s day package, just for you:

We did it!

We’ve finished the show! Atmosphere in studio is great, we are all happy and excited. Waiting for the presentation of our hard work. I’m sure it is gonna be awesome! I would like to thank everyone and now 10 minutes before it starts here is sneak preview:

Matija Z.

Završili smo emisiju! Atmosfera u studiju je odlična, svi smo sretni i uzbuđeni. Čekamo prezentaciju našeg rada. Siguran sam da će biti odličan! Htio bih se zahvaliti svima i pokazati vam kratak video kao najavu čitave emisije.

Matija Z.

Last day – showtime!

Tina just cryed because the workshop is over. That’s how much we’re sad! 🙂

I’m grateful for so many things that have happened over the past two weeks. First of all I’m so happy I’ve worked with such wonderful people. Some of them were my friends from before but with others I never spoke a word in three years. It’s interesting how only when you’re forced to do something you learn about things and people you’ve never even noticed. The second lesson I learned is of course related to good journalism. I must admit I’m a little sad because I’m the only person who is not on camera or who did’t have any other rolls except the editor and camerman in my team. But all in all I’m happy because of all the camera and editing skills I’ve learned. That’s actually what really interest me. I’d also like to mention that working in team with Mirela was great. We understood each other which was important because Mislav wasn’t around that much. This workshop has been a work lesson but also a life lesson. I loved every minute of it and it’s sad that everything is over. We’ll miss you Dr.Bill 😦

see you in some other time and place

Sanja Padjen

Tina se upravo rasplakala jer je radionica završila. Eto, toliko smo tužni! 🙂

Zahvalna sam na puno stvari koje su se dogodile u posljednja dva tjedna. Prvo, sretna sam što sam radila s tako divnim ljudima. Neki od njih su mi još od prije bili prijatelji, a s nekima prije ovoga nisam progovorila ni riječi. Zanimljivo je što tek kad si prisiljen raditi nešto primjetiš stvari i ljude koje do tada nisu. Drugo što sam naučila je, naravno, vezano za kvalitetno novinarstvo. Moram priznati da sam malo tužna jer sam jedina osoba koja nije bila ispred kamere ili koja nije imala niti jednu drugu ulogu osim snimateljice i montažerke. Ipak, sretna sam jer sam se na tom području ispraksirala i shvatila da sam zapravo dobra u tome. To je zapravo ono što me uistinu zanima. Također želim spomenuti da mi je bilo odlično u timu s Mirelom. Razumjele smo se što je u biti bilo najvažnije s obzirom da Mislav baš i nije radio s nama. Ova radionica je bila radna, ali i životna lekcija. Voljela sam svaku minutu i tužno je što je gotova. Dr.Bill nedostajat ćete nam 😦

vidimo se u neko drugo vrijeme na nekom drugom mjestu

Sanja Padjen

Our jorney has come to an end

Hello dear visitors and readers of this blog,

our workshop has come to an end. This is the last day of our workshop. I’m very proud of my team (Iva and Tina), I think we’ve done a great job. We finished our show which will go on-air at 1 p.m. at our Faculty. In an hour or two we will share a link of our package.

Your journalist,

Ivan Nekić


Pozdrav dragim posjetiteljima i čitateljima ovog bloga,

našoj radionici je došao kraj. Ovo je zadnji dan naše radionice i jako mi je žao što je to sve tako brzo završilo. Jako sam ponosan na naš tim (Ivu i Tinu), mislim da smo napravili odličan posao. Završili smo našu emisiju koja se u 13 h prikazuje ovdje na fakultetu. Za sat ili dva podijelit ćemo poveznicu našeg priloga.

Vaš novinar,

Ivan NekićImage

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